Fed Up Truck Driver Yanks Protester Off His Truck

The concept of privately owned property seems to elude these hippies.



A log truck driver has had enough when a couple of California ecological protesters climb up on his truck.

The footage was captured a lumber mill in Scotia, California, on August 31, where protesters gathered to speak out against the logging of old growth forests.


Driver Pulls Protester off of Log Truck


In the video, you can see two protesters climb up on a log truck to try to place a banner. The driver asks the protesters to get off of the truck. When one of the protesters refuses, the driver takes matters into his own hands.

“You guys can do your protest, but don’t get on my truck, I’ll start knocking you guys out,” warns the driver before he takes action.


Fed Up Truck Driver Yanks Protester Off His Truck


Actually the driver was pretty nice about it, could’ve been much worse. Firm and clear but not violent.

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