Woman Wearing Lingerie In Georgia Bed, Bath And Beyond Claims ‘It’s A Bathing Suit’

A woman was captured on video walking through a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Georgia wearing nothing but lingerie and tennis shoes. The unidentified woman’s entire backside is exposed, as she saunters down the aisle with pieces of plastic protruding from the garment, next to a man who is fully clothed.

‘What the hell are you wearing?’ she’s asked, to which she replies, nonchalantly: ‘It’s a bathing suit.’

The video was first posted on YouTube by Chrystal Akridge of Swainsboro, Georgia.

It appears the woman has some kind of clear plastic, possibly packaging tape or maybe even saran wrap, protruding from the crotch region of the garment, as well as wrapped around a portion of its thong bottom in the rear

Woman Wears Swimsuit To Store

The question from the woman taking the video prompts the woman who is scantily clad to turn back toward the videographer, and answer, ‘It’s a bathing suit.’

She says this as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, in a casual tone with an effortless flick of the wrist toward the ceiling. The nearly naked woman continues on her way, as the videographer asks, ‘Eh, do you realize there are children around here?’

Weird Outfiy For Shopping

At this question, the woman in lingerie glances back briefly, before continuing on her way with a man who seemed to be accompanying her. The man was completely covered from neck to feet, wearing denim jeans and a long-sleeve flannel shirt.

Weird Shoppers

His outfit was in stark contrast to the barely-there look of his female companion.

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