Disgusting Moment Live Cockroach Crawls Out Of Woman’s Ear And ‘Nesting’ In There As She Slept

THIS is the disgusting moment a cockroach crawls out of a woman’s ear after nesting in there as she slept. The patient had the gruesome insect sucked out of her ear by a doctor in Hai Duong city, Vietnam.

Footage shows the doctor uses an endoscope as they peer into the ear canal and remove the roach. According to the patient, the cockroach may have entered her ear while she was asleep.

Cockroaches are able to squeeze through tiny gaps due to their exoskeletons.

Cockroach Inside Woman's Ear

The can fit through a gap as small as a quarter of their body height by flattening their structure and splaying their legs to the side. They also have genes to combat infections, which makes roaches resilient to dirty living conditions, and others allowing them to grow back broken limbs.

It’s impressive that the doctor managed to wedge the roach out of her patient’s ear because they are also known for their speed – running up to 1.5 meters per second.

Coackroach Crawlled Inside Her Ear

Just another reason to fear mother nature.

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