Two Subway Rats Fighting Over Slice Of Pizza Is Too Relatable

Have you ever seen a piece of pizza on the floor of the subway and thought to yourself, ‘wow that looks delicious, I wish I could fight another human being for the right to eat this greasy floor treat’. If you answered ‘yes’, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to eat pizza that’s been on the floor, then we’ve got an amazing video you may find relatable.

The video, which was filmed Tuesday (September 11), shows two rats at Manhattan’s Grand Central–42nd Street station, fighting over a piece of pizza that had fallen onto the tracks.

You see, while the uninformed and ignorant may watch this video and see two rats fighting over pizza they’re missing the bigger picture, this fleeting squabble between rats is a metaphor for society as a whole.

Two New York Rats Fight Over Pizza

The rat who loses isn’t just a rat who doesn’t get pizza, it represents the 99 percent who have to literally fight every day to put food on the table and provide for their families.

The other rat, the one who wins and gets the biggest slice of pizza, represents the one percent who take the lion’s share of, well, everything in our modern lives.

Battle For Pizza

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