Man’s Bestfriend Indeed! — Dog Saves Man From Deadly Brown Snake

For most of us, including myself, we can all call ourselves ‘animal lovers’. I don’t discriminate, and my love goes beyond just cats and dogs, I like sharks, snakes and all the other creatures people tend to fear.

However, a brown snake, and getting up close to one, wouldn’t exactly be on my list of encounters I want to have – let alone in my garden.

So spare a thought for this poor guy – as well as his furry little friend – who recently had to deal with such a scenario in Queensland, Australia – where else, hey:

Dog Scares Off Snake

Luckily, Drew, his dog and the rest of his family were ok – it could have been so much worse – they could have found a deadly eastern brown snake in their bedroom – like this poor couple from Brisbane. A professional snake catches was then called to escort the snake safely out of the premises.

Dog Saves Owner

Goodest boi.

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