Video Shows Two Customers Rob A Gas Station After Clerk Had Heart Attack In Front Of Them

Two heartless teenagers have been caught on surveillance cameras robbing a gas station while the cashier lay unconscious on the ground then fleeing the scene, leaving him for dead.

The robbery took place at a Shell gas station in Auburn, Washington state, on Saturday at 5.41pm. It began when the two teens entered the gas station and took two pepperoni sticks from the register while the cashier was in the back.

When the cashier, who is a married father-of-three with young kids, tried to get an adult they were with to pay for the pepperoni sticks, an argument ensued and he walked out from behind the cash register to confront them on the shop floor.

Teenagers Steal From Old Man Getting Heart Attack

After being given a $1 bill from one of the teens, the cashier began making his way back round to the other side of the register but collapsed before he could make it.

Rather than call 911, the two teens stood over him and then, after the adult they were with fled, returned twice to rob the cash register. No one called for an ambulance until another person entered the station three minutes after they had left. They also heartlessly snatched back the $1 bill he had in his hands.

Heartles Thieves

Heartless at such a young age.

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