Rogue Snake Sends Airport Passengers Into A Frenzy

A video has emerged showing the moment a snake slithers across the departure lounge at the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban, throwing a number of passengers into a total tizzy.

And rightly so – cancellations, delays and shitty duty free options are stressful enough. Throw a potentially venomous reptile into the mix and you’ve got yourself a code red.

Snake Slithers Into Airport

Fortunately for these guys it was a black rat snake, which is in fact not poisonous and feeds on rodents and birds.

That said, it still wasn’t the most welcome send off the passengers could’ve asked for – even the airport staff didn’t know what to do as the snake made its way through security. It didn’t even have its damn passport ready!

Luckily It Was Caught

Anyone up for a Snakes on a plane reference?

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