Spooky noodles! Shopkeeper’s fright in case of mysterious jumping instant noodles

This is the bizarre moment a ‘possessed’ bowl of instant noodles suddenly shot into the sky and splattered across a shop counter. The clip, filmed at a corner shop in China, captured the cup of ramen as it exploded into the air without being touched.





A shopkeeper, who was sitting at the counter, had placed the noodles on the glass surface before turning to his computer. But seconds later, the paper bowl suddenly launched into the air startling the man before landing upside down back on the surface. A sea of noodles splatter across the glass with some falling onto the floor by his feet.



The shopkeeper stared at the scene for a moment before desperately reaching for his noodle-covered phone. The video, which now has more than a million views, has sparked debate on social media about what may have caused the jump.



Some commented it was ‘paranormal activity’ even claiming the man may have been pranked by a ‘ghostly spirit.’ Liukuai Fujide Feizai said: ‘This is paranormal activity caught on camera.’



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