Couple’s wedding ceremony is hit by a TORNADO as they prepare to take to the dancefloor after saying ‘I do’

This is the dramatic moment a couple’s wedding is hit by a typhoon just moments after they say ‘I do.’ Randy Manaois, 29, and his bride Jennifer, 28, are seen walking arm in arm as the bride prepares to throw her bouquet at the reception in Marikina, Philippines, on Friday afternoon.



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Footage captures their beaming smiles as they pass a row of clapping bridesmaids at the Kapitan Moy venue. But as they reach the top of the dancefloor, a look of concern spreads across their faces and a large crack is heard overhead. Seconds later a deafening rumble of thunder erupts and the electricity cuts out, plunging the room into darkness as windows shatter nearby. Dozens of guests run for cover, screaming in fear as the twister hits the venue, smashing windows and tearing down power cables outside.



Speaking afterwards, Randy said: ‘It happened so fast. Everyone was excited and things were moving quickly. Then we heard the sound and there was a flash in the mirrors. ‘There was a big crash above the roof and everything was blacking out. My wife was scared and everyone was panicking. ‘I am thankful that everyone was safe, but we are sorry to all our guests. ‘We did not know that such tragedy will happen. My wife is still in shock.’



The tornado, which had a 1km radius, affected about 20 houses in barangays San Roque and Santa Elena, Marikina, when it hit on Friday,ABS-CBN reported. It was also reported that two residents were injured in the city after a high tension wire broke and dropped over them. The wedding took place on Friday a day before Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall on Luzon Island in the north of the country.



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