Hilarious moment woman has eyebrow ripped off by face mask

This is the hilarious moment a daughter can’t stop laughing as her mother rips out both of her eyebrows while using a face mask. Nicole Cano, 19, can be heard giggling as her mother, Brenda Cano, tries to peel off the $4 charcoal mask and ends up pulling the hair off her face in the process.





Ms Cano, a daycare director from Houston, Texas, is captured reading the back of the face mask bottle and panicking when she realises that the instructions state that it should not be applied to facial hair. Her daughter can be heard saying ‘You put your eyebrows in that?’



Footage filmed on Snapchat then shows Ms Cano attempting to peel away the sticky black mask from her face and shouting ‘It hurts!’ Mother and daughter can be seen screaming with laughter as half the mask is peeled off revealing a bald patch.



Ms Cano reaches to feel her brow and they laugh even more when she feels that there is nothing but skin left. The end of the video shows a close up of Ms Cano with no eyebrows as her daughter shrieks in hysterical laughter.



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