Pitbull Attacks Horse And Immediately Regrets It

Judging by Farmer Doofy’s reaction here, I’m not sure he should be allowed to have any animals at all…



In the video, the farmer can be seen petting his precious horse. Few seconds into the video, a Pitbull emerges on the right side of video. It seems really agitated, and one can tell it’s not properly trained.


Pitbull attacks a horse and pays the price


The dog somehow manages to break free from its chains. It immediately ran towards the horse and attacked it. Unfortunately, the horse didn’t hold back and fought back.

The horse stamped on the dog first then kicked it. The dog was sent flying at fast speed. The farmer, probably surprised by what’s happening, stood there holding a bucket and forgot to interfere.


Pitbull Attacks Horse And Immediately Regrets It


I feel sorry for the dog. If it was properly trained, this wouldn’t have happened. Blame the training, not the breed.

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