‘Spooked’ Camel Unleashes Mayhem In Pittsburgh, Leaves Several Injured

A camel in a Syria Shrine Circus performance at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sunday sent multiple people to the hospital after it suddenly began running around the arena after getting spooked.

Footage of the incident, which was captured by attendee Ronald Smith, shows the camel bucking and running through the grounds as a woman dangles from its side. The chase was cut short once circus employees were able to grab ahold of the camel.

Once things calmed down and medical professionals provided treatment to those injured, the circus continued without further issue. Neither the spooked camel nor other animals were injured during the disturbance, and the animals were subsequently cleared after being examined by a veterinarian.

Camel Goes Berserk

A total of seven people, mostly children, were injured during the incident, CBS News reported, noting that the most severe injury was a fractured arm that a child was treated for at a local area hospital.

Chaos Errupts

What did you guys expect?

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