Dog Tied To Truck Runs Desperately To Keep Up — Until Sheriff’s Volunteer Spots It

Volunteers with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona usually aren’t supposed to activate their lights and sirens. But when one eagle-eyed volunteer spotted something strange going on with a semi-truck pulling out of a gas station, he didn’t hesitate — and saved a dog’s life.

Video from the dashcam, taken on Sept. 8 in Ash Fork, Arizona, shows the volunteer pulling out of the gas station and then pausing to let a semi-truck pull out into the road. But as the truck swings around, a small dog can be seen tied to the corner of the back of the trailer, running furiously to keep up with the quickening big rig.

The truck was not yet up to speed but was pulling onto a highway, so time was running out.

Dog Dragged By Truck

In the video, the volunteer leans on his horn before cutting on his lights and siren. He zooms up to the driver’s side of the truck and pulls him over before the video ends. A different view from gas station surveillance shows the driver walking back and unleashing the dog.

Sheriff Saves Dog

The Sheriff’s Department said the use of lights and siren was justified in saving the dog.

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