Family’s Terror After Huge Bear Bursts Out Of Their Car When It Gets Locked Inside

A family got the fright of their lives when a bear burst out their car window – then hastily made off to pinch some muffin mix from a neighbour’s kitchen.

Mum-of-two Nicole Minkin Lissenden was staying at her parents’ house for the weekend in North Carolina when a friend noticed one of the doors to her Honda Odyssey was open. Thinking nothing of it, Nicole locked it and went back in the house to put her two-year-old daughter to bed.

However, 30 minutes later when she went to get something out the vehicle, she noticed the inside was foggy – and there was a paw print on the window.

She quickly realized she had unwittingly locked a bear inside and unsurprisingly it wasn’t happy

Bear Locked Into Car

The animal became anxious to get out and set off the alarm, honked the horn, and rocked the car back and forth. Nicole shouted in panic for her husband, Alex, and phoned Animal Services, while neighbor Buster Brown, also came over to help.

They tried opening the door to let the animal out but it kept closing.

Finally, Alex used the key to open the door and rolled the window down slightly. The bear then put it claws around it, smashed the window and burst out and climbed out. But not before leaving a trail of destruction in the car with the seats ripped out and destroyed.

Man Unlocks Car Door

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