My car’s been rear-ended! Driver climb off the roof of his car but slips onto his bum and cracks the windscreen

Instead of driving the car, one driver decided it would be a better idea to stand on it- but the windscreen suffered a huge crack when he slipped on his bum. A man is captured precariously standing on top of the roof of his dark blue Volkswagen car.





He is filmed by his friends as he attempts to slowly climb off the roof via the front of the windshield. But things turn for the worst when he suddenly loses his footing and slips and lands with a huge thud on the glass windscreen. He rolls forward off the car and looks back with shock as he realises what has happened. The person filming runs to the front of the car to reveal a giant circular crack in the glass.



The group of men burst into fits of laughter at the hilarious moment as they inspect the car’s damage. This comes after an owner of a $200,000 Lamborghini decided he would jump on his car’s windscreen to pose for photos in Florida.



The man’s girlfriend heard the glass cracking and shouted at him to get down, but the man was already mid-pose by that point and decided he would stay on top of the car until the picture had been taken. After climbing back down into the car, the man was humiliated as he buried his head in his hands.



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