Chinese housemates make Kung Fu tea with using unreal skills

This is the remarkable moment a group of housemates make a pot of tea using mind-bending skills. Amazing footage taken in southern China’s Guangdong province shows the trio of performers showing off their skills in a display called the ‘Kung Fu tea ceremony’.





The amazing routine, which translates literally as ‘making tea with skill’, features inch-perfect choreographed moves and a lot of flying tea leaves. As the clip starts a woman in traditional chinese dress can be seen walking slowly into the flat before turning her back to her flatmate and simultaneously catching a tin full of tea which he tosses through the air. After removing a hairpin she chops off a chunk of tea leaves and tosses the block over her shoulder without looking.



Miraculously the bunch of leaves falls into a teapot sitting on a table a few feet away. A third person then pours water in the tea and puts the leaves away by theatrically flinging the tin into a fridge across the room.



The trio can then be seen passing one another glasses full of tea by sliding them rapidly along a smooth dining room table. The mesmerizing video has so far earned over 700,000 views on their original post on the Chinese social media app Douyin.



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