Chinese men give their friend a bizarre hair spa with the help of a motorcycle

A hair spa can be expensive, but these two men have come up with a budget version. The hilarious footage shows two men, believed to be from China, washing and drying their friend’s hair with the help of a motorcycle.



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One of the man washed his friend’s hair while the other operated the motorcycle to make it serve as a showerhead and hair dryer. The footage is believed to be filmed in Ziyang city of Sichuan Province on May 20. The man, who enjoyed the hair spa, lay on a wooden board behind a motorcycle. The motorcycle was lifted up with its rear wheel just touching the surface of a bowl of water.



One man, in white, gave his friend a hair massage while the other, in black, stepped on the gas pedal to splash water from the bowl onto the friend’s hair. ‘Does it feel nice, boss?’ The man in white is heard asking. ‘Yes!’ His friend replied.



The hair massage finished with a blow dry. The amateur therapists used the exhaust pipe to dry the man’s hair.



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