Dimwit Gets Arrested After Driving Motorbike Across Local Supermarket

After bragging that he would do it on social media, Traitin Knight donned a GoPro and rode a dirt bike through a grocery store in Schenectady, New York.

A YouTube prankster revved a dirt bike, yelled “Open sesame!” and tore through part of a Schenectady, N.Y., Price Chopper grocery store in early September, according to a video he allegedly uploaded of the incident.

The video begins in the parking lot of the store before the dirt bike rider approaches the entrance, yells “Open sesame” and zooms through the automatic doors.

Dimwit Drives Dirt Bike Into Supermarket

Stunned grocery shoppers look on as he revs the engine and speeds between aisles and around onlookers, saying “Open sesame!” once again. At one point, he pops a wheelie while riding past a row of cash registers, then speeds out the exit door.

He then published the video to YouTube and Facebook, which authorities used to track him down. He faces one count of misdemeanor reckless endangerment, and police are still investigating the incident.

Police Easily Tracked Down The Man

Darwin award anyone?

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