Watch An Elderly Slayer Fan In A Wheelchair Experience Their First Mosh Pit

A video has surfaced online of an elderly fan at a Slayer gig having the time of her life getting amongst the mosh pit in her wheelchair. The beautifully wholesome video shows the woman being wheeled around the crowd by a group of other fans, and high-fiving people in the crowd, beer in hand.

The video’s description explains how the situation at the band’s Idaho concert unfolded; “I took my mother-in-law to the Slayer farewell tour as she is an old metal head. She had never in all her years been into a mosh pit. I feel everyone should experience it at least once, so I took her in her wheelchair and asked a couple of big guys to help me keep her safe and off we went. She had the best time of her life.”

Gradnma In Mosh Pit

Slayer are currently on their final world tour which will be heading our way in 2019. The tour is being heavily advertised as their last ever shows, however many artists including Rob Zombie and Frank Bello don’t think the break up will last too long.

The fan in the wheelchair is just one example of how committed to gigging metal-heads and Slayer fans are. At one of the band’s recent shows in Toronto, a fan was kicked out and subsequently tried to swim back in.

Moshpit Glory

Never to be too old to rock and roll.

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