Injured Dog Takes Itself To Hospital After Being Stolen And Dumped

In yet another story which demonstrates the intelligence of dogs, a stolen German Shepherd has managed to check himself into hospital all by himself. Nine-month-old Silla, from Amasya province in northern Turkey, was stolen while his owner Serdar Keskindir was working. Serdar was understandably left devastated by the theft of Silla, who is a good friend to him as well as a work companion.

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Longing for his pet’s safe return, Serdar posted a 2,000-TRY (£238) cash reward which he now thinks made it far trickier for the devious thieves to try and sell poor Silla. It is thought the dog snatchers simply dumped Silla, without any thought to his safety or the feelings of his heartbroken owner. Horrifyingly, the situation worsened when Silla was set upon and injured by stray dogs.

Incredible footage shows sweet Silla rushing up to the entrance of the emergency room of the Amasya Vocational Training facility, as if knowing exactly what needed to be done.

Injured Dog Takes Itself To Hospital

But fortunately, Silla is no ordinary dog and was able to take care of himself after being put in a vulnerable and frightening position. Taking himself to hospital for treatment, he was able to get his wounds tended to by professionals.

Dog Treated For Injuries

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