First Footage Of Joaquin Phoenix In Character As Joker Leaked

Well, butter my arse it seems that the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is actually happening, and excitingly we’ve got our first official look at the Clown Prince of Crime before his unfortunate acid bath.

The Joker’s director, Todd Phillips, released the first official look at Joaquin in his pre-Joker duds, along with the caption ‘Arthur’ which we’re deducing is the villain’s real name.

I’ll be honest the photo’s not exactly spectacular and Arthur looks more like a supply teacher than a criminally insane psychopath, but this is obviously before his ‘one bad day’ so we expect he’ll look a bit more deranged once things get going.

Joaquin Phoenix As Joker

The picture of Arthur isn’t the only glimpse we’ve got of the character, there’s also a video which shows Joaquin smoking a cigarette and being confronted by an overweight clown.

First Look At Joker

Not the most exciting stuff but considering we don’t really know what this film’s going to be about, other than it’s an origin story set in 1980s Gotham city, it’ll do for now.

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