That’s Not Edible — Woman Shows Alleged Maggots All Over Two Slices of Pizza

A woman shared a video to Facebook that allegedly shows maggots squirming inside a slice of pizza in Syracuse, New York. Kate Hancock Malicek said she opened the box of pizza and made the disgusting discovery.

“Just went to grab a take out order of wings from Senioras on Thompson Rd and decided to grab a couple slices they had on the counter – the guy put it in the oven for literally 20 seconds,” she wrote on Facebook.

Local media reported that the restaurant gave her the money back and apologized. However, they said that the maggots didn’t come from their establishment.

“They were crawling out from under the cheese,” she said. “The clerk was mortified. They immediately took the cash out of the counter,” she added.

Maggot Covered Pizza

They claimed that she faked the video, reported. “I think it’s fake. I eat these pizzas every day,” an employee, Farris Albokhiti, the owner’s son, told the website. “If we put it in the oven we would obviously have seen it.”

Albokhiti first told that she never complained, but he later said she did. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You caught me when I just woke up.”

Restaruant Being Investigated

The Onondaga County health department “took swift action” after seeing the video and are currently investigating the pizza place.

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