Eight-armed robber! Cheeky octopus swims away with diving videographer GoPro

This is the hilarious moment a mischievous octopus was caught on camera stealing a videographer’s GoPro and swimming off with it in Russia. The creature is seen entangling its tentacles around the equipment and engaging in a brief scuffle with the videographer before eventually making away with it.





The common octopus then settles thinking it has got away with the loot before the diver comes back to retrieve it. The octopus is seen engaging with the videographer briefly before wrapping itself around his camera. It uses it’s incredibly strong tentacles, which can hold their own weight, to pull the camera towards it.



The diver battles with the creature as he refuses to let go of the equipment causing the octopus to use its tentacle to push him away. The creature finally breaks free and drags camera across the ocean floor as it scratches against the rocks.



Another tug-of-war ensues as the diver catches up with it and is pulled along by the strong creature. But it soon lets go when it notices another diver close by. Octopuses can also grab things outside of the water and pull them with considerable strength.



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