Man lifts himself over a bar fixed between two trees using just his middle fingers

This is the incredible moment a bodybuilder hoisted himself over a metal bar fixed between two trees using just his middle fingers. Narek Hakobyan used just two fingers to hang from the bar before turning upside down in an impressive manoeuvre.





The fitness fanatic, from Armenia, then rolled over the metal rod, hung from his two fingers for a moment, and repeated the entire move. The 29-year-old said he practises this painstaking routine on a daily basis during his two to three hours of training.



He said: ‘I love doing exercises that are amazing and unbelievably difficult. ‘I am really into sports. That’s what makes me compete, work out, work out more and hopefully win. ‘Sport, setting records is truly one of the most important and great parts of my life. ‘I’m trying to see the human power capabilities through me.’



Alongside bodybuilding, Mr Hakobyn practises karate, boxing, weightlifting, and running. He hopes to one day break a world record in a sport.



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