Thug floors foe with a brutal kung fu-style flying kick to the head

This is the horrifying moment a man is kicked directly in the face after a boozy night out in Cornwall.,A man is seen pacing towards the victim before laying him out with a Jackie Chan-style kick.



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The man immediately falls to the ground as the attacker is held back. Police officers are investigating the attack after the eight-second clip went viral on social media. The incident is believed to have taken place outside the Poundland on Boscawen Street on the weekend.



A female is seen attempting to restrain a man in black before another one strides past hits the 19-year-old in white. The mobile phone footage has racked up more than 275,000 views on Facebook already.



A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: ‘The video has been reported and crimed and part of an active and live police investigation. ‘The victim of the kick is 19-year-old and was attacked on Boscawen Street, Truro, last weekend.’



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