Guy Covers His Roommate’s Entire Room With Tin Foil And It’s Actually Quite Impressive

Every item in this guy’s bedroom was covered in aluminum foil. Watch the moment James Makinson, of Blackburn, England, keels over with laughter after discovering his roommate’s “alumin-ating” prank.

Here’s one prank that really SHINES.

Every inch of this guy’s room is covered in tin foil — James Makinson just got back from a long flight only to find his bed, pillows, books, and even dumbells covered in aluminum foil.

Everything Covered In TIn FOil

His roommate spent 8 hours every day for 5 days in order to pull off the incredible prank, which begs the question — are millennials really lazy?

Tin Foil Room

I’m not even mad, I’m actually quite impressed… and scared.

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