Biker Throws Woman’s Rubbish Back Into Her Car

When you think of vigilante bikers this isn’t probably what you’d expect after an annoyed biker stopped a woman from littering by throwing her discarded rubbish back into her car.



Seeing people litter is very frustrating – why do they hate the earth? One woman in particular was forced to hold on to her rubbish by a biker who made sure it was returned to its owner.

Dashcam footage from a following car captured the moment the woman carelessly threw a cup and paper bag out of her window into the middle of the road while she was held up at a traffic light.


Angry biker throws Woman drivers rubbish back Into Car


Pulling up next to her, the person on the motorcycle bent down to retrieve the driver’s discarded litter, screwed it up and threw it purposefully back through the car window.


threw it purposefully back through the car window.


Unbelievably, the woman began pointing her finger angrily at the biker, as if she was innocent in the situation and the biker was in the wrong.

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