Guy Decides To Spray Perfume On A Stranger’s Armpits And It Doesn’t End Well

Being stuck in an elevator for too long with someone you don’t know is already awkward enough. But what happens if you’re stuck with someone who’s smell you can’t take?

At the beginning of the video, we see a bearded guy wearing a brown shirt with a yellow thunderbolt printed on it. On his right hand, he is holding a blue and white plastic bag which appears to be a brand packaging of some sort. On his left hand, he holds a phone which he uses to talk to someone on the other line, causing him to lift his arm, and expose his pits in the open.

Man Sprays Perfume On Strangers Armpit

It probably was too smelly for the other guy that he could not take it anymore. In a quick turn of events, he decides to take out somebody spray from his bag and sprays it directly toward the armpits of the other passenger in the elevator. He did this even if he barely knew the person he was riding the lift with.

After the whole spraying incident, we see in the video, through a shaky sequence of visuals, that the guy who sprayed the perfume was grabbed by the neck by the other guy on the elevator.

Man Gets Chocked

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