Man Suffer Terrible Fate After ‘boss Blasts Him Up The Bum With Air Pressure Hose’

A man died after his boss allegedly blasted him up the bottom with an air pressure hose. CCTV showed Aditya Jadhav collapsing following the prank at a metal factory in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, on September 3.

He initially looked like he was joking around with his supervisor Rakesh Wagmore, who had sprayed his back and neck at first.

Manager Plays With Employee

Mr Wagmore then seemed to put the hose up the unsuspecting worker’s rectum. Mr Jadhav appeared to be dazed before falling to the floor. He was taken to hospital but died on Tuesday, with doctors saying his death was the result of his intestines being severely damaged.

Manager Sticks Compressed Air

Mr Wagmore was said to have disappeared after police launched an investigation into the incident.

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