Detroit Tigers’ Stadium Pizza Worker Filmed Spitting Onto Customer’s Meal Because He Was ‘having Bad Day’

A fast food worker caught spitting on a customer’s pizza has been arrested. The disgusting act was captured on video and shows the employee dribbling a long pool of saliva onto a pizza base before laddling some tomato sauce over it.

The stomach-churning video was filmed at a food service station in at Comerica Park stadium home to the Detroit Tigers baseball team in the US.

Worker Spits On Pizza

It was uploaded to Instagram by former co-worker Quinelle ‘Nell’ May.

He wrote: “I went home early today because I didn’t have my Comerica Park shirt…But since they made me go home early I couldn’t wait until after the game to them an employee was spitting in customer pizzas.

Worker Fired

The video went viral over the weekend and it was later confirmed the employee is no longer employed by the takeaway chain.

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