Smiling taxi driver RUNS OVER a motorbike after enraged rider angrily confronts him

A taxi driver has been caught on camera ending a road rage argument by running over his opponent’s motorcycle. Footage taken from the biker’s helmet camera shows the rider confronting the unknown taxi driver and telling him: ‘You pulled out of the roundabout and I was coming down!’



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The driver is then seen amusingly looking on from his seat at the outraged motorcyclist before slamming the accelerator and running over his bike. The footage of the men with northern accents, filmed in an unknown location in the UK, was uploaded onto a London Uber driver Facebook group by Shane Jenkinson.



During the footage the motorcyclist is also heard shouting: ‘It fucking wasn’t you d******d that’s why I slammed down when you came off! ‘Is that it is it you f****ing k**b.’ As the angry confrontation ensues the taxi driver smile at the motorcyclist who is shouting obscenities at the him.



The taxi driver then chuckles at the motorbike rider before hitting his foot on the gas and running over the motorbike in front of him, sweeping the now battered vehicle to the side of the street.



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