Open wide! Mesmerising footage shows a snake swallowing a whole egg without cracking the shell

A homeowner has captured mesmerising footage of a snake eating an egg whole in a living room in Fort Benning, Georgia. The video shows the eastern rat snake swallowing what appears to be a chicken egg on a carpet without cracking the shell.



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The video begins as the snake has already partly enveloped some of the egg, using time warp, the video speeds up to show it gradually swallowing the whole thing. When he has swallowed it, you can see the large bulge as he prepares to digest it. The footage was posted on social media with the caption: ‘Watching This Snake Work Its A** Off To Swallow A Chicken Egg Is Oddly Mesmerizing.’



The footage was posted online and watched over 2,000 times. Eastern rat snakes is a nonvenomous colubrid species endemic to North America. The snakes can grow up to 68 inches long and have an irregular black and white checkerboard pattern.



They are known for eating eggs from nests, swallowing them whole and breaking them in their throat. They wrap an animal in their coils and squeeze until the animal suffocates. They then swallow their meal whole.



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