He’s got the hump! Angry camel throws a TV journalist and his assistant to the ground

An angry camel left a Kenyan TV journalist and his local aide laughing on the ground after tossing them from its back during a camel derby. Journalist Thuku Kariuki was hosting a news segment from the Maralal International Camel Derby in Samburu, Kenya, when he decided to sit on the disgruntled animal.





During the footage Kariuki is seen falling to the ground head first with his assistant right beside him as the ship of the desert shows the two men that today is simply not its day. In the video the journalist, who is describing the professional racing event to camera, can be seen climbing onto the back of the camel with a microphone in his hand and the local rider sitting in front of him. The camel is then instructed to get up and the two men are raised from ground.



However the angry camel, who was not yet ready to stand up so abruptly, tosses the men from its back to the grassy ground below them. The local aide, who quickly dusts himself off, is then seen rushing over to the disgruntled camel in an attempt to retake the shot. As he tries to get the angry camel to sit down by holding its legs, the animal refuses to give in, adamant to remain standing.



The annual Maralal International Camel Derby is a prestigious event held just outside of Maralal town during the middle of the year. The entertaining competition draws local professional camel racers and spectators across the country to the town.



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