Zoo Lions Leap Into Action After Genius Heron Lands In Their Enclosure

This foolhardy heron got a rude welcome after it touched down in the lion enclosure at Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

The pride of lions was lazing in the sun when the intruder set down by their pool, but it didn’t take long before their killer instincts kicked in.

A lioness was the first to react. As stunned tourists watched on she slowly slinked up on the bird before it noticed her approach and desperately tried to fly off.

Lion Stalks Heron

For a moment it looked like the heron would escape, but the lioness was just too quick. In the blink of an eye she pounced, plucking the hapless heron out of the air before clamping it in her jaws.

Heron Gets Eaten

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best place to land.

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