Two Soldiers Turn Room Upside Down To Find Huge Camel Spider

What’s scarier than a group of terrorists sneaking into a barracks? Two soldiers learned that there is nothing more terrifying than a huge camel spider hiding out in their dorm. Not surprisingly, they turned the entire room upside down in an effort to catch the deadly bug.

The video opens with the two soldiers frantically throwing their belongings aside as they look for the spider. The men were already preparing to sleep when the invader was discovered lurking in the room. However, they aren’t ready to give up on the search. They even took their guns out in their desperation to kill the sneaky critter.

It is evident that the other tenants in the dorm were woken up by the commotion. Although some wanted to help, they were also scared of being attacked by the camel spider. Unfortunately, this left the two soldiers to do the search on their own.

Marines Scared Of Spider

At one point, the spider scampers under one of the beds. The men start freaking out and move away from the bed. It is clear that they are tough but they’re still no match for the elusive creature.

One of the soldiers decides it’s time to take a different tactic. He puts on his boots with plans to stomp the spider to death.

Looking For The Spider

It’s an excruciating search but the soldiers finally find the spider. After several tries, they manage to kill it but not before shouting like terrified children.

They Eventually Get Rid OF THe Beast

When spiders scare you more than terrorists.

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