Zero F**ks Left: Man Robs Pizza Joint in Broad Daylight

A man walked into a Little Caesars in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, and started ripping open a cash register with a crowbar. He did a horrible job, however, and walked away with what little he could get his hands on.

The shockingly strange video shows a man walking into a pizza place and robbing its cashier in broad daylight. Brandishing a crowbar, the man walks up to the cashier and preys open its cash register.

The man can be seen nonchalantly breaking open the cash register as restaurant staff just watch on.

Man Robs Pizza Joint

As the staff starts to call the cops, the suspect rushes to get as much cash as he can before making a clean-ish getaway.

Man Gets Away With Robbery

Pizza’s must have been bad.

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