Gay Penguins Kidnap Baby From Its Parents At Zoo

A gay penguin couple kidnapped a baby from its parents at a zoo in Denmark.

Odense Zoo saw some penguin-related drama unfold earlier this week when the two males spotted the ‘neglected’ chick, whose parents had left it to go for a swim.

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The pair were reportedly desperate for their own child, so took their opportunity and kidnapped the baby penguin in the hopes of claiming it as their own.

Gay Penguins Steal Baby

The zoo employee explained she believed the father of the chick had been watching the baby while its mother went for her daily swim.

Sandie speculated, when the mum didn’t return in time for the dad’s swim, he left the little penguin to fend for itself and went for his dip.

Baby Taken Away From Parents

It sounds like a penguin-based soap opera!

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