Pitcher Miraculously Catches 110 MPH Line Drive Headed Straight For His Head

This pitcher might have saved his own life with this catch. The sight of 6-foot-7, 282-pound Yankees slugger Aaron Judge in the batter’s box is scary enough for any major-league pitcher.



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Imagine seeing a line drive off his bat headed straight for your head. That’s the position Rays starter Jake Faria found himself in during the third inning of the Rays’ 9-2 loss to the Yankees Tuesday at Tropicana Field. Fortunately, for Faria, he had the wherewithal to get his glove up in time, snagging the ball at the last instant.



The ball, by the way, left Faria’s hand at 94 miles per hour and returned at a blistering 109. The Rays pitcher said after the game he doesn’t know how he managed to make the catch. “I threw my hands up just to get my head out of the way,” he said, “and the ball went in my glove.”



With a night to sleep on it, Faria tweeted, “I’d like to say this is because I’m athletic but I really just didn’t want to die,” followed by a couple of tears of joy emojis.



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