Fight to the finish! Cyclists barge into each other in desperate battle to end race and end up crashing over finish line at the same time

This is the dramatic moment two cyclists barge into each other and go flying over the finish line at the same time. The video was taken at the end of the Granfondo del Fermano a cycling race in the Italian town of Fermo.





It appears the cyclist on the left, dressed in black, moved his shoulders towards his competitor who was trying to get ahead at the last moment in a final attempt to stop him overtaking. His shoulder touches the cyclist dressed in red and the pair lean on each other for a few seconds while crowds of onlookers cheer them to the finish. The man on the left lifts a foot from the pedal to try and regain his balance as they both keep moving towards the finish line and are still touching.



The pair then stop pedaling and push into each other before their bikes collide and are both sent flying through the air. Once they are only a metre or so away from the white line both men fall face first and hit the ground with a thud. It looks as though they both crossed the line at the same time and their bikes can be seen bouncing as they hit the cobbled street. A piece of camera equipment appears to have also been knocked off in the crash and one of the cyclists can be seen trying to get up from the floor.



A spectator runs forward to retrieve the bike and move it as a red Mini tries to come through and get out of the way for other cyclists who could soon complete the race. The Granfond del Fermano take place in the Italian provinces of Fermo and is 129 kilometres (80 miles) long. It is not known if the riders were injured in the incident or who was crowned the winner.



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