Man turns into a human fireball after his son fires airgun at an aerosol can

This is the terrifying moment a man turned his father into a human fireball in a prank gone wrong. Luke Goldsmith, 20, shot at an aerosol can next to an open flame with an air gun, while his father Clive, 51, perched on a bench above it.





Luke and his father had been shooting cans, known as plinking, in the family’s back garden in Maesteg, Wales. But, for added danger, they had chosen full cans of aerosol and put them next to a candle. Clive’s entire body was engulfed with flames but he managed to escape serious injury and was left with blisters and burns to his arm and shoulder. Luke said his father was unaware of the potential bomb below him and so he shot the canister as a prank.



But the footage shows Clive seemingly pointing at the can below him and grinning, moments before the explosion. As Luke shoots the can, a terrifying giant fireball engulfs Clive, with flames seemingly engulfing his entire body momentarily. Clive leaps out of his seat in panic and bats himself down while Luke howls with laughter. Clive was left with burns to his left arm and shoulder and he later went to hospital.



He was in bandages for a month afterwards. After a few days, the burns blistered and started to become infected. Clive was also warned by hospital staff that he could have contracted sepsis from the prank though he avoided a serious infection.



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