Five Men Kicking, Punching And Throwing Chairs At Each Other After Mass Brawl Breaks Out In Chicken Takeaway Shop

Five men have been caught on camera kicking, punching and throwing chairs at one another in a violent takeaway brawl. The scene inside the shop, thought to be Pepe’s Piri Piri Chicken store in Coventry, was shared across social media at the weekend.

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Bystanders looked on in horror as the men dragged one another across tables, knocking food and drink from customers’ hands. The clip was originally published on Snapchat on Sunday by a user called ‘Ishaam’ and has since been shared across Instagram.

It remains unclear why the violent brawl started.

Brawl Breaks Out In Takeaway Shop

Three men can be seen kicking and punching two males standing on the back of a sofa before they lose their balance and fall on top of nearby tables, spilling trays of food and drink over the floor.

As they continue to fight, a bewildered customer attempts to stop the fight which has now descended into chaos.

Chairs Flying

Chairs are hurled across the shop as the trio continue to target the other two men.

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