Finnish Pilot Boards Enormous Ship While It’s Still Moving

All aboard! A Finnish seaman has demonstrated how to board a ship while it’s still moving while remaining as collected and cool as the 20-inch-thick ice which surrounds him. Luckily for us, a drone caught the man stepping onto the moving vessel on camera on April 2 near the coast of Hailuoto in Finland.

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The footage captures the moment a pilot – so called, as explained by Port Technology, for their extensive knowledge about a port’s navigational area – decided to make the most of the icy conditions by using a small portable bridge to board the incoming ship.

In the video, a man is seen pushing a ladder on wheels across the cold ground as the vessel approaches.

Pilot Boards Ship

Ice 20 inches thick surrounded the 190-meter-long ship, the Tavastland, as it traveled through the shipping route while on its way to Finland’s Port of Oulu.

A navigation pilot stands on the ladder and grabs a rope fashioned into a step ladder hanging off the passing ship, allowing him to climb aboard.

Pilot Gets Into Ship

Some have commented on the pilot’s bravery, adding he wasn’t even wearing even a life vest.

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