Hero Saves The Day! Man Catches Child Falling From 10th Floor Of Apartment Building

The situation Artem Karev found himself in earlier this week after a child reportedly climbed out of the window while his mum was out of the house is just tense.

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The 28-year-old ran out to his balcony in Astana, Kazakhstan, after he heard screaming. Within seconds, the boy fell and Mr Karev made the life-saving catch.

He said: “I heard people screaming, then I looked up and I saw a child hanging on the floor above. I was scared too, I started lifting my arms towards him, in case he started falling.

“About 15 seconds later, the boy started plummeting down from the 10th floor. But I managed to catch him. He wasn’t crying, he was very calm as if he simply stopped by to pay me a visit.”

Boy Hangs From 10th Floor

In future, Mr. Karev would probably prefer it if the kid just knocked on the front door if he wants to know if he’s playing out. That said, you don’t get bravery awards for answering your front door.

Sure enough, Mr. Karev was presented with the award by the capital city’s mayor, Bakhyt Sultanov, who lauded him as the perfect model of how people should treat one another.

Man Cataches Boy

Mr. Karev was also rewarded with 500,000 KZT (£1,055 / $1,375) in cash, but the LAD said he was going to donate the cash to a charity that helps install child-proof window safety systems for families that can’t afford them.

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