Lemon shark wrapped its teeth around motor and refuses to let go

A stubborn shark clung to a fisherman’s boat engine with its teeth and refused to let go. The 4ft-long fish wrapped its jaw around the motor and hung on as the boat moved through the waters.





Even when fisherman James Munroe raised the engine out of the water to try and shake the shark off, it wouldn’t let go. It even cracked a toothy smile as its head bobbed above the ocean. Mr Munroe was fishing for barracuda off Current Island in the Bahamas last week when the lemon shark took the bait from his line.



The fisherman, who lives on the Bahaman island of Eleuthera, was just about to cut the fishing line to let the animal go when it suddenly came from the deep and latched onto the boat’s engine. He captured the incredible moment the shark appeared to flash him a toothy grin as it held onto the engine.



His social media post has now racked up thousands of likes, shares and comments. He said: ‘I was so shocked I didn’t expect that at all. I cut the line and shook the engine slightly and he came off.’



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