Incredible moment free diver breaks a world record and swims 351ft

This is the incredible moment a woman breaks a world record by swimming more than 350ft in a free dive. Alessia Zecchini, from Rome, Italy, held her breath for more than three and a half minutes as she swam almost the length of a football field.





Footage captured the 26-year-old prepare herself for the challenge at the VB 2018 Diving Championship, in Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas. She takes sharp intakes of breath at the surface of the water before plunging into the water. She can be seen calmly swimming downwards using a monofin attached to her feet to propel her body through the water. The talented freediver descends while attached to a rope and uses her arms to guide herself to as far as she can go.



In the medium she competes in – constant weight apnea – freedivers are allowed to use their arms without pulling on the rope. Soon the water begins to get dark as the sunlight can no longer penetrate through the ocean, but Ms Zecchini keeps swimming down. Footage captures the diver reaching a platform and ripping off a tag from it before turning around and boosting upwards.



After breaking the astonishing record she rapidly swims as fast as possible back to the surface to get air. As she nears the surface she is met by support divers who help her steady her pace to the end of the dive. At the surface Ms Zecchini can be seen beaming with a smile as cheers erupt from the crowd.



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