Moment Brave 8-Year-Old Girl Tackles Gunmen As They Rob Her Parents

The astonishing moment an eight-year-old girl stood up to armed robbers, moments after they mugged her father, was caught on CCTV in Cavite, Philippines. The schoolgirl, Brielle Minia, was playing on the driveway outside her home when four men walked past posing as DVD sellers last Thursday afternoon.

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Three masked men approached her dad – who’d just returned home from work in a white 4×4 – and held him up at gunpoint to steal his cash, while a fourth member of the gang raided Brielle’s family home.

As the group ran back down the driveway, the only person between them and their getaway motorcycles was the little girl, who was walking back to see what the noise was.

Riding In Tandem Threaten Man

In the video, you can see Brielle bravely lunge towards the same man who’d been holding a silver semi-automatic handgun moments earlier. She quickly ripped open his bag, scattering the contents – the items he’d stolen – across the floor.

The youngster then frantically tries to gather up the items as the robber runs off.

Little Girl Tries To Stop Thievs

Incredibly, however, the fearless eight-year-old gets to her feet again and sprints after the criminal, hurling herself at him for a second time as he tries to climb onto his bike and make a getaway.

Brielle is then kicked to the ground. She suffered cuts and bruises to her face and hands as well as a suspected broken nose.

Gilr GIves Chase

The youngster spent two nights in hospital before returning home and bravely declared: ‘I’ll get them next time.’

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