Bus Driver Body-slams Drunk Passenger After He Punches A Police Officer During Violent Arrest

Incredible footage shows the moment a hero bus driver body slams a drunk passenger after two police officers struggle to arrest him.

John McKendry, 40, from Portstewart was on shift at the station when the brawl broke out and succeeded in leaving the thug incapacitated on the floor. Police was called to the bus station in Coleraine in Northern Ireland to deal with a drunk passenger from Belfast on Monday afternoon.

The footage, taken on a bystander’s phone, shows two police officers struggling to detain the thug who is trying to get away from their grip. The fight moves across the station as shocked commuters look on.

Officers Struggle With Suspect

The young man appears to attempt to headbutt the officers as they try to get him against the wall to cuff him. He gets away from the officers and shouts ‘come on, then’, before he punches one in the face.

The bus driver then immediately pounces on the drunk man and tackles him to the ground, leaving onlookers stunned with one commenting: ‘Holy f***!’

Suspect Body Slammed

At this point, the officers cuff him as he struggles on the ground until more PSNI officers arrived and took him away.

Man Arrested

It is not known what caused the altercation. The PSNI could not be reached for comment.

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