Dramatic Moment Whitewater Rafters Rescue Their Crewmate After She Gets Pinned Between A Rock

Dramatic footage shows whitewater rafters heroically rescuing their friend after a terrifying capsize on a fast-moving river.

The group, wearing protective helmets, can be seen paddling against strong currents of the Tallulah River in Georgia seconds earlier. Their boat then flips over and they are flung into the choppy waters – with one crewmate becoming trapped between the dinghy and a rock.

Rafter Approaches Turbulant Waters

Working quickly to save the woman’s life, one of her friends grabs her under the arms and hoists her to safety. The force of the currents flings the woman and her courageous rescuers backward into a tree on dry land.

Rafter Pinned Against Rocks

It is not clear whether anyone suffered any injuries during the accident.

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