Three ‘Drunk’ Men On Motorbike Escape Death In Head-on Collision With Bus

This was the moment three ‘drunk’ men on a motorbike were involved in a head-on collision with a bus coming from the opposite direction. Their bike was crushed and the bus was also badly damaged.

But the three men – Madhusudanan (21), Sukumar (17) and Arjun (22) – survived miraculously and escaped with just minor injuries. The incident occurred in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, India, on September 16. CCTV footage shows the three men attempting a steep turn on a curve without slowing down.

They collide with a government-owned bus coming from the opposite direction. The front tires of the bus run over the motorcycle, crushing it. But the bus driver, called Nagendran, slammed the brakes avoiding running over

Bus Hits Three Men

the men who had fallen right in front of the bus. Bystanders rushed to help the injured men and took them to Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital for treatment. All three of the victims recovered fully as per hospital reports.

Three Men Survived Head On Collision

Never drink and do stupid things, kids.

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