This Is Why You Should Never Cycle Near Kangaroos

One moment you’re enjoying the amazing wildlife in Australia, and the next moment you have a furry marsupial literally in your face.



Another day, another video that cements an Australian stereotype. Unusually it’s something snake or spider related, but this one plays right into the idea that the country is crawling (or should we say “hopping”?) with kangaroos.

A cyclist recording his encounter with some kangaroos hopping next to him captured the moment one of the marsupials jumped up and collided with him.




The video, filmed in the Wetherill Park area of Fairfield, shows a group of cyclists being joined by some curious kangaroos.

The footage shows one of the marsupials cross in front of the riders and then jump into the air, crashing into the filming cyclist.




The filmer said he and the kangaroo were both able to walk away uninjured.

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